With his debut album "A New York Night", recorded live in New York City at Fast Folk Café, singer-songwriter Richard Hal Dobson proves that while he may be a newcomer to your collection, he'll soon be as familiar and beloved as your favorite blue jeans.

Although comparisons to Lyle Lovett, James Taylor, and Paul Simon are common, Richard's style is unique and unmistakable. His lyrics are intimate and personal, set against a backdrop of sweet jazz/blues-influenced melodies. With warmth and emotional honesty, his stories and imagery gently convey universal themes of love, desire, loss, loneliness, and self-renewal. We've all been where Richard takes us.

Richard's reputation as a talented producer and sideman is steadily growing, and he has traveled the U.S. extensively, producing major label projects and playing live and in the studio for other artists.

The many hues of the multi-talented Richard Hal Dobson await you here. Pick a color, any color...  and enjoy!

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