From their mouths...

"The night wrapped up with Richard Hal Dobson, an outstanding professional guitar player who travels between Los Angeles and New York playing gigs. On June 6, 2000 Richard released his first CD 'A NEW YORK NIGHT'. The standout tracks are Used to be Two of a Kind, Learning to Fall and Inside She Sleeps. Richard's sound is a mix of the 60's and 70's storytellers such as Don McLean and Jim Croce. You should check out Richard before he makes it big and you won't be able to afford a ticket to the show."

"Moments of startling clarity and efficiency. Melodically and harmonically it's a step above a lot of the stuff that I hear."

Scott Askew, KGY Radio, Olympia, WA

"Richard Hal Dobson is an accomplished guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. His music has one foot in the folk genre and the other in jazz, and between the two he has developed an arresting style. The live setting certainly reveals the real talent of an artist, especially when it's just him and a bassist, and Dobson passes the test well on his latest album, A NEW YORK NIGHT. As I implied, this is a live recording of a performance at the famous Fast Folk Café in New York City."

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